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Please download this PDF version of the info below. Print and bring to our office.

Office visit process for patient families with a


During the COVID19 pandemic Georgia officials ask that pediatricians and staff follow the Georgia law and guidance from the U.S. Centers of Disease Control (CDC) for safe and healthy care.

To protect all patient families and our community, the pediatric office must insist that all patient families will support our effort to provide healthy and safe care to our community.

Thus, we require all our patient families must study the health and safety requirements themselves before visiting any reputable medical facility, including our pediatric center.

Patient families must study the following four (4) online pages:


EVERY FAMILY WITH ANY LABORATORY CONFIRMED COVID19 DIAGNOSIS IN THE HOUSEHOLD: This means the patient family has a so-called 'significant close contact with a confirmed COVID 19 diagnosis,' this then triggers a few necessary safety rules that must be followed for all visits to the pediatric center. These rules apply whenever a patient family has either (A) any "household" member has a laboratory confirmed positive COVID19 diagnosis, and/or (B) either the patient or the one designated adult accompanying the patient on the visit had a prolonged (continuous 15-minutes) of exposure (within 6 feet) with a laboratory confirmed COVID19 diagnosed patient, and also IF neither person was wearing a PPE mask. This is the reason why patient families should always wear their PPE masks because they may then avoid having a defined exposure. All those with any immediately concerning medical/health symptoms or signs must seek-out timely medical assistance for all their own medical provider in a safe and effective manner.

Healthy and Safe
As a result of the COVID19 pandemic, we must ask all patient families to join us in helping our community be healthy and safe by faithfully observe all the necessary rules to protect both themselves and also others who are especially vulnerable to a COVID19 illness, because your pediatric team regularly provides care for all our patient families including those with medical vulnerabilities to COVID19 such as cancers, cardiac concerns, diabetes, immune issues, other chronic illnesses, and seniors with additional health concerns. Thus, your pediatric team must insist that whenever a patient household has a laboratory "confirmed" COVID19 diagnosis, one that has not been medically cleared according to the CDC guidelines, the family must observe the following:


    Promptly begin to seek medical care according to any other signs of ordinary illness as soon as symptoms present. These include all other health concerns with immediate bothersome signs or symptoms that would ordinarily require a physician visit. For example, such as ordinary would be the coughs, ear pain, fever, or injuries, vomiting or whatever else may be concerning. Please, understand and accept that scheduling appointments during this pandemic will always require our pediatric team to make additional preparations for each appointment. Patient family’s households with laboratory confirmed CO VID19 members should anticipate and be prepared accommodate scheduling flexibility. Of course, if such a patient family has medical circumstances require more immediate or even urgent medical attention, then those medical circumstances may reasonably require either the 911 process or a prompt visit to the local emergency department. The more common but necessary medical concerns will require scheduling in an orderly manner and the following process:


    Inform the office when calling that the family has confirmed COVID19 diagnosis


    Only one patient form each a COVID19 household may enter the building at any one time. Also, then that one must have only one adult family member to accompany that one child. Absolutely, no additional children or adults may be present anywhere in the office at that one time for COVID19 households. Thus only two people are the maximum for the one visit: One, the patient and two, the adult. No additional persons will be allowed.

  4. MASKS

    One adult and the one child >2 years must wear a PPE mask at all times (no exception).


    After parking your car at the pediatric center, then telephone the office again to receive your entry instructions. DO NOT ENTER the building until instructed. Also please DO NOT call for instructions until after you have arrived and parked. Honesty is important.


    Families must wait in their car, in the parking lot, until you call us back and then receive your “entry instructions” after the COVID19 exam room has been emptied and prepared.


    That next call will give you specific entry instructions for the building. Then, and only then may your family leave your vehicle, and only while wearing your PPE, walk with your child, outside only, to the instructed and assigned COVID19 entry.


    Patient families must remain in their assigned room for their entire visit.

Please accept that as a condition of your visit, your family must agree that all the above is necessary for the safety of everyone. We must insist on your family’s full cooperation and willingness to follow all these instructions or any other as provided by our staff members on the day of the COVID19 visit, and fully without any disruptive behaviors, debate, or disagreements. Families who refuse to abide these necessary instructions and requirements, may then be immediately referred to another qualified provider such as the local emergency department. | 391 East Main Street Canton Georgia | © Childrens Pediatrics Center LLC | All Rights Reserved.
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